Elder Law

What if I die………What if I don’t????

Have I planned well for those I will eventually leave behind?”

What happens if I run out of money before I die?”

Who can I count on to speak for me, truly speak my wishes, not theirs?”

“Who will be there to fight FOR me?”

These are the issues we consider and plan for in designing estate plans for our Clients. All of the questions posed above are valid and need to be addressed. All too often, children of older folks don’t want to have conversations about their parents’ decline and subsequent deaths. So, because of the discomfort in actually talking with parents, adult children really have no idea what their parents want in terms of their own care, including end-of-life wishes.

Those are the exact conversations we have when visiting with clients. We believe that our clients’ wishes need to be respected; whatever those wishes are. We address them in the design of our estate plans so that the clients’ desires are very clear.

When an elderly person has no one to oversee their business, they can be taken advantage of, financially and emotionally. Because many of our seniors can get to a point in which they become increasingly dependent upon others, they can become vulnerable. If the chosen caregiver isn’t a trustworthy individual, that vulnerability often leads to loss for the poor victim, who may not realize what has happened until the loss has occurred. Often, seniors who fall victim to scams are too embarrassed to admit it to authorities and family. They fear that admitting to this kind of misjudgment can cause them to lose some level of independence, so they hide what has happened.

Too often a person who has greying hair or walks with assistance is stereotyped as “impaired”. We strongly disagree. Our citizens deserve respect and admiration. We work hard to address each of our clients’ needs and desires in shaping documents that support their needs. We do not make assumptions about clients; we strive to learn from them so that we can do a better job for all of our clients.

The knowledge of folks who have lived a lifetime is not to be brushed aside; they have lived decades and accumulated wisdom that should be considered as intellectual gold!


Camille has acquired extensive experience developed over years of assisting older Americans with legal and financial services.  Elder law includes all aspects of planning for aging, illness, and incapacity and requires the knowledge and skills specific to the needs and issues impacting elder clients.  Financial and estate planning, health and long-term care planning, and navigating the maze of public benefits are some of the more critical needs Camille faces working with Seniors. 

Additionally, Camille was a law professor, teaching Elder Law at the University of Tulsa College of Law and has spoken to many groups about topics involving the American Elder cohort.