About Us…

CAMILLE M. QUINN P.C. is the name of our corporation. PC stands for “Professional Corporation”. The name can be misleading because it is named after founder Camille M. Quinn. “Looking back on naming the firm in 1989, I didn’t realize that it might be confusing, I just wanted to get to work,” Camille said about the firm name.

Yet, now after more than 30 years in practice, we are hopeful that the “PC” in our firm name has come to be synonymous with Professionalism and Competence.

Our office is located in the heart of Midtown Tulsa:

1820 South Cincinnati Ave.

We have easy front door access with street parking or in our private parking lot behind the office.

Please get to know us and let us work for you in creating an estate plan that uniquely spells out your desires and gives you peace of mind.

Live as if this is all there is ……..



Camille M. Quinn, a lifelong Tulsan, has been in business in the Tulsa area since 1989.  Camille’s experience is extensive, with an emphasis on business planning, estate planning, tax planning, and probate law.  Additionally, Camille earned securities licenses, and although no longer active, the securities background remains invaluable for client planning. Her insurance license adds to her comprehensive knowledge base for her clients.  

Camille’s experience as an attorney is broad.  Recognizing that no two clients have identical situations, Camille examines each set of circumstances and effectively devises plans to address the needs identified.  During her 30+ years of practice, Camille has assisted clients in simple estate and financial planning, created business frameworks, merged existing businesses, established strategic partnerships, completed succession planning for existing businesses, and an array of other legal solutions.

Camille loves Tulsa and loves everything that Tulsa uniquely offers, from 918 Day, to MayFest, the annual Auto Show, to the Farmers’ Market, and the walkability of Cherry Street and Brookside, Tulsa is home!

She also has come to love her clients: Camille said recently, “strangers often walk through the door and leave as lifelong friends! That is what I like the best about my practice: its the relationships, not just the work. I have the unique privilege of being trusted to put my clients’ final wishes for their loved ones into play. And I draw great satisfaction in administering that plan, knowing it was exactly what my client wanted.”

Camille has the knowledge and experience to effectively assist you in positioning resources in an effort to manage your fiscal and legal liability.

Call Camille at 918.749.0606 or email her at camille@camillequinn.com



Teddy N. Cooper, a lifelong Tulsan, is in his 5th year of practice.  He joined the law firm Camille M. Quinn P.C. in October of 2021 after doing criminal defense work.  Teddy enjoys the diversity he experiences in the estate planning and probate divisions of our firm.   Steeped in compassion and understanding, Teddy works tirelessly for his clients.   With significant courtroom experience, Teddy guides clients through the often sad, but tedious, probate process, with a goal of making probate as painless as possible for families.   Teddy is always available to answer questions and help clients understand what their needs entail and work to meet the clients’ wishes.

Teddy grew up hearing about the law and its complexities; he comes from a family of attorneys, as both of his parents, his sister and his wife, Hope, are attorneys.   Mr. Cooper’s passions include volunteering for Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank, participating in local events such as October Fest, Route 66 Marathon relay, Tulsa Hurricane basketball and The Tulsa Run.    Teddy loves to cook and try new recipes and, along with his wife, love sampling the area restaurants.

Call Teddy at 918.749.0606 or email him at teddy@camillequinn.com



Pegi, is the delightful smile welcoming you when you hit the front door. Knowing that going to see “a lawyer” can create anxiety in some folks, Pegi immediately sets out to put everyone who walks in at ease. Her friendly demeanor immediately lets people know that it is all okay! Pegi has an easy way about her that makes others feel good. She prides herself in treating each person who enters the firm with friendly respect. Pegi keeps the office organized, keeps things fun and our work on pace, perhaps drawing on her previous profession as an elementary school teacher!

Pegi , who is always up for weekend adventures, lives in midtown Tulsa with her dogs, Gidget and Stella and her cat, Louise.

Call Pegi at 918.749.0606 or email her at pegi@camillequinn.com